It’s December and the holiday season is upon us. We’re here to help ease you through the busiest time of the year so your well rested, happy and healthy! Here’s a few tips to add into your daily routine to help set yourself up for success in 2022. 

  1. Your body comes first, ALWAYS

You are your own priority. It’s imperative to your wellbeing to find ways to move your body no matter the season. Try some new classes at your gym, make time for outdoor activities ( season dependant ones!)

Go outdoors! If you’re in the east coast take up skiing, snow shoeing or even ice skating. \

  1. Add CBD to your wellness routine 

It’s not like that fad diet claiming to fix all your problems. It’s been tried and tested and there are many benefits. So start with a low dosage and work your way up. If you start now you may feel a little relief from the stress of gift giving and end of year deadlines that always add a bit extra pressure.

  1. Be kind to your GUT 

The Gut is known as the second brain and ta healthy gut microbiome influences the bodies response to stress so if you’re looking to start 2022 off with clarity and a well rested mindset you will want to give your gut a little extra TLC.

Balance is key 

  1. Drink more water 
  2. Eat more foods in season 
  3. Remove processed foods

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