It’s alot more than sleep, do you rest?

They say you can sleep when you’re dead. Well, that’s stupid. To perform optimally it’s important to create the space for rest in order to relax, restore and recharge. We live in a world where we’re overstimulated, always on and feeling the stress from many angles. When we aren’t feeling balanced our rest is often a great place to look and take inventory to be honest with ourselves. Am I really getting enough? 

Rest looks different for everyone and that’s okay, it’s about finding what works for you, carving out the time to create an evening routine or habits that help set you and your environment up  for a recuperative nights sleep. When we enhance the quality and quantity of our sleep we boost how we feel, how we act and how we think. 

Research shows that when we aren’t recovering and recharging while sleeping we struggle with focus, energy levels, poor digestion and so much more. 

Like anything in order to better our experience we have to first understand what isn’t working for us. Studies suggest that sleep cycles, stress and caffeine play a role in sleep and even how much we’re moving our body. So, you must ask ourselves

  1. Do you have a consistent bed time? 
  2. Do you read, write, and or meditate before bed? 
  3. Do you stay away from blue light ?
  4. What do you associate our bedroom with ? Sleep? Watching tv?
  5. How do you feel when you wake up?
  6. Are you sleeping through the night? 
  7. Trouble falling asleep? 
  8. Do you know how to manage our stress levels? 
  9. How often and late are you drinking caffeine? Do you know how it affects your body? 
  10. Are you dreaming and remembering your dreams?

Throughout the next few months we will be covering topics such as how to optimize our sleep cycle, how physical fitness is related to sleep, how sleeping can boost our mood, what to eat to help us sleep better and how to create an evening routine.

Sleep is an important piece to the puzzle and when we learn how to fit all the pieces together we’re able to see the big picture. 

Our future depends on our dreams, we are creators, enhancing our sleep enhances our lives! 

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