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Jaymison Rochester, NH

"Your hemp extract icy relief stick is a god sent miracle."

Natasha Oceanside, California

"This product has been a game changer in my recovery from the hard workouts I put in, and with the chronic low back discomfort I have from being on my feet for 12+ being a nurse. I started this product in hopes to feeling overall better and this surpassed my expectations. I also have noticed a better mood since taking this product."

Flock Goods Gives

We donate a portion of proceeds from every sale directly to spinal cord injury survivors so they can have access to these game changing nutraceuticals...on us.

Our Story

We are athletes. Visionaries. Dynamos. We share a passion for exploration and a mission to empower our fellow Humans!
Our story began with a simple desire- to nourish and grow our passion by fueling our bodies with the best nutraceutical products available.

Founder, Professional wind tunnel flyer, Skydiver and Guinness World Record holder Matthew Gagne, has always been motivated by his desire to live boldly.

While living in Dubai following his passion he was in a major car accident that nearly took his life. His neck was broken in 10 places, he was internally decapitated, and his dreams effectively stolen from him by the actions of another person.
It would have been easy to adopt a victim mentality. Flock Goods was born from his own personal journey through rehabilitation.

A year and a half after the accident, Matt made a triumphant return to the sport that he loved.
Using the collective model approach to rehab and healthy living, aided with nutraceutical supplementation- Matt uncovered a reality that was just as incredible, and launched Flock Goods.

He decided to turn his trauma into a learning experience and a catalyst for growth. Now, he’s on a mission to empower his fellow humans to do the same! Flock Goods aims to inspire others to share their stories and offers nourishment to support the building blocks of our bodies in order to be able to live an active lifestyle and reach the impossible!

We are CBD for the active. Enhance your Life!