Cultivating goods habits or continuing with the bad — it’s your choice.

A new decade is upon us, it’s time to chase our dreams, face our fears, and overcome adversity. It all starts with taking personal responsibility and when we do that we take an active role in our life and learn how to create habits that support us on our journey in the pursuit of self mastery. 

A habit is an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary. Habits make up about 45% of our daily lives. It’s essential to take an inventory of our habits in order to ensure we are being productive. When we take a hard look at the reality of how we are showing up in this world we can form a different perspective and see how optimizing our habits can enhance our results day to day. 

Let’s go into 2020 cultivating better habits in all areas of our life. Below is a framework on how to create a new habit! We encourage you to ask yourself, Have you been wanting to get fit? Take your kids on that hike they’ve been dying to go on? Wanting to feel confident and happy in your own skin? Start eating a cleaner diet? Traveling to experience new cultures or learn healthy ways to rest and recover from such a busy life? 

From the infamous Yoda, “ Do or do not, there is no try” 

  1. Explore what drives you, your passions, your goals, your curiosity, your devotion. Becoming curious is a step to self awareness which will help you look inward and explore the habits you’ve created over the years and allow the space to recreate effective habits. 
  2. Accountability is important in creating new habits. The most important aspect is accountability to self. Then setting yourself around a community of individuals who motivate each other to aspire for more. Join our facebook group to share your Win Wednesdays and Fail Fridays 
  3. Self discipline is the ability to choose actions that are for your own best interest. By creating habits you began learning how to increase your self discipline. 
  4. Consistent hard work leads to success in creating new habits. How you do one thing is how you do everything. 

Imagine a life that you created, a life of active living and exciting adventures, a life where you weren’t a passenger seat driver to your fears and excuses. Being able to take charge of your life opens doors you didn’t imagine possible, but it all starts with envisioning and believing. Learning to look at fear as a new exciting possibility is something that here at Flock Goods fuels us to find our passions and ideas and has transformed our worlds! 

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