How One Adventurous Entrepreneur Survived a Near-Fatal Car Accident to Create a Thriving Nutraceuticals Company.

Everyone dies, but not everyone truly lives


Imagine being a professional athlete at the peak of your performance. You’re making waves in your sport as your name becomes more and more well-known to people both within and outside of your professional circle. Then, imagine, suddenly having your dreams of competing professionally effectively stolen from you by the actions of another human. One minute, you’re driving around your local town; the next, you wake up dizzy and disoriented in a hospital bed only to have doctors tell you that you will never be able to live an active lifestyle again.

This is exactly what happened to Matthew Gagne. In 2014, while living and working in Dubai, Gagne was involved in a single-vehicle car wreck, instantly taking him from a professional skydiver with a budding career to a spinal injury survivor.


From Death’s Door To The Growroom Floor


“I suffered 10 fractures to my cervical and thoracic vertebrae as well as a full subluxation at the C5/C6 level,” says Gagne. “In other words, I broke my neck and was internally decapitated. I was struggling physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, as well as financially. The internal and external battles were real and the stress of not knowing was almost unbearable.”

With a sleek titanium cage installed in his neck, as well as bulging discs both above and below the fusion, pain and discomfort became a part of daily life for Gagne. That is, at least until he made the conscious choice to not allow that pain to control his life. As a seasoned skydiver, Gagne was no stranger to facing fear head-on, or to the trade-off of “risk vs. reward”. According to Gagne, it was this same mindset that not only helped him kickstart his recovery to overcome his injury, it also gave him the confidence to use the tools he used during that recovery to help others regain control of their lives.


CBD Helped Me Help Myself


In April of 2018, nearly four years after his life-threatening injury, Gagne founded Flock Goods: a nutritional enhancement brand that offers a line of CBD-based nutraceutical products that help nourish and strengthen the body’s physical building blocks. Each of Flock’s all-natural CBD products is designed to help those who suffer from chronic pain, anxiety, mental fog, and more to improve their mental health, physical fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle along the road to recovery. These aspects, along with that of the recovery journey itself, make up what Gagne refers to as the “Five Finger Framework” – the fundamental factors in which Flock Good’s core values and philosophy is rooted in.

“Pain is not only humbling – it’s the best teacher I’ve ever had,” says Gagne. “The layers of healing are complex, but with self-empathy and a strong, conscious effort, you can find true understanding, perspective, and patience.”

Indeed, healing is often a long and tumultuous process. Though the events we endure that cause our bodies and minds pain and trauma are inherently subjective at the individual level, the process of healing is not. As such, it should never be undertaken alone. Gagne stresses the importance of this, too, citing that the road to recovery since his life-changing accident would have been impossible to walk by himself.


Strong As FLOCK


In his founding of Flock Goods, Gagne has helped to create a community that perfectly matches the definition of the name. Chasing dreams, facing fears, and overcoming adversity in spite of our limitations are all terrifying to think about doing alone. Together, however, any obstacle truly can be overcome.

“I consider myself extremely lucky,” Gagne continues, “which is one of the reasons why I feel so compelled to give back to others. I didn’t get to where I am by myself. It started with a healthy mindset, was aided with proper nutrition, and I was lifted up by a community of others when I needed it the most.”

Nearly seven years following his horrific accident, Gagne is proud to say that no one “has any idea” about it until they see the scars for themselves.

The Flock Life

Flock Life describes our culture and the pursuit of total wellness. It’s about achieving your highest potential and living fearlessly, in your greatness.

Picture a life rooted in consciousness, community and transparency, how does that make you feel? For us, it opened the doors of possibility, it connected us with people who were on a similar journey while allowing us to stay true to what we are. 

We are a group of amazing athletes and tenacious individuals. We know pain and trauma. We persevere and are resilient.  

And we envision that for every single one of you. 

When we embark on the journey we first and foremost do it for ourselves and as we deepen that relationship we notice that how we show up is a reflection of how others show up for themselves. 

We want to know, what would it feel like if you took charge of your life and lived boldly? What experiences would you encounter? What opportunities would arise? What are the things you’ve always wanted to do? 

Allow yourself to imagine. 

We may not be able to control everything but what we can control are the choices we make in terms of physical fitness, mental health, nutrition and rest that influence our lives. There are tools such as mindfulness and awareness that heighten our consciousness to make daily decisions to improve our lives for the better. 

Small decisions turn into habits and become the foundation to living our lives with intention. 

We view lifestyle as the way we live everyday, inclusive of personal, work and relationships. Pursuing a balanced lifestyle is optimal for physical and mental health.

Join the movement “Health is Wealth – Enhancing the human experience

Flock is a noun, it describes our community. It’s also a verb, and describes how we move together.


Cultivating goods habits or continuing with the bad — it’s your choice.

A new decade is upon us, it’s time to chase our dreams, face our fears, and overcome adversity. It all starts with taking personal responsibility and when we do that we take an active role in our life and learn how to create habits that support us on our journey in the pursuit of self mastery. 

A habit is an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary. Habits make up about 45% of our daily lives. It’s essential to take an inventory of our habits in order to ensure we are being productive. When we take a hard look at the reality of how we are showing up in this world we can form a different perspective and see how optimizing our habits can enhance our results day to day. 

Let’s go into 2020 cultivating better habits in all areas of our life. Below is a framework on how to create a new habit! We encourage you to ask yourself, Have you been wanting to get fit? Take your kids on that hike they’ve been dying to go on? Wanting to feel confident and happy in your own skin? Start eating a cleaner diet? Traveling to experience new cultures or learn healthy ways to rest and recover from such a busy life? 

From the infamous Yoda, “ Do or do not, there is no try” 

  1. Explore what drives you, your passions, your goals, your curiosity, your devotion. Becoming curious is a step to self awareness which will help you look inward and explore the habits you’ve created over the years and allow the space to recreate effective habits. 
  2. Accountability is important in creating new habits. The most important aspect is accountability to self. Then setting yourself around a community of individuals who motivate each other to aspire for more. Join our facebook group to share your Win Wednesdays and Fail Fridays 
  3. Self discipline is the ability to choose actions that are for your own best interest. By creating habits you began learning how to increase your self discipline. 
  4. Consistent hard work leads to success in creating new habits. How you do one thing is how you do everything. 

Imagine a life that you created, a life of active living and exciting adventures, a life where you weren’t a passenger seat driver to your fears and excuses. Being able to take charge of your life opens doors you didn’t imagine possible, but it all starts with envisioning and believing. Learning to look at fear as a new exciting possibility is something that here at Flock Goods fuels us to find our passions and ideas and has transformed our worlds! 

Holiday Survival Guide

Tis the season to indulge in christmas foods, family drinking and other fun festivities. Here at Flock Goods we believe in mindfulness and consistency which is why we’re coming in hot with some tips on how to survive the holidays and stay on track! 


  1. Eating more foods that cause less inflammation 
    1. Starches – Butternut squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, white rice, 
    2. Fruits – avocados, blackberries, coconut, cranberries, strawberries, blueberries & pineapple 
    3. Sweeteners – stevia, monk fruit 
    4. Protein – Grass fed beef, pasteurized eggs, wild caught haddock/salmon & organ meats 
    5. Nuts, Seeds & legumes – coconut, coconut flour, almonds, cashews, walnuts
    6. Oils & Fats – coconut oil, avocado oil, grass fed butter, Cacao butter & Dark Chocolate 
    7. Veggies – asparagus, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, celery, cucumbers, lettuce, spinach, cilantro & green beans
  2. One way of sticking to eating healthier is eating a small nutrient dense meal prior to going to family parties and/or bringing a healthier dish! 
  3. Drinking alcohol – Ditch the sugary mixed cocktails.
    1. Opt for clear hard liquors – low calorie and almost no sugar 
      1. On the rocks or mixed with water/club soda 
    2. Wine – Low sugar if you stick with a dry red or white 

Rest – restore and repair 

  1. Quality and quantity 
    1. Sleep helps improve memory and focus, weight management, improves mood, energy and performance & boost immunity 
  2. Movement through out the day primes your body for more deeper and restful sleep
  3. Sleep environment is extremely important – use black out shades, turn cell phone to silent ( can you sleep with it outside of your bedroom) , meditation music, disengage from blue lights an hour before bed
  4. Mood – stress and anxiety keep us from falling and staying asleep 
    1. Try our Hemp Enhanced Melatonin 
    2. Supplementing with Magnesium or Vitamin D can also help 
    3. Another reason meditation helps overall wellness! 
  5. Nutrition – how you fuel yourself matters! 
  6. Tracking your sleep! 

Mental Health 

  1. Practicing meditation won’t only help your sleep but improves the quality of your life
  2. Practicing gratitude is known to shift your mood 
    1. Take a moment to remember why we celebrate the holiday season. Take this day and every other day to be thankful for health, happiness and Flock Goods 🙂 

Physical Activity 

  1. Move your body everyday; you can switch it up or keep it the same as long as you’re moving it! 
    1. Focus on upper and lower body splits and core 
    2. Acroyoga ( brings in a component of community) 
    3. Outdoor workouts as well! 


  1. Being healthy and happy isn’t just about focusing on a few things. It’s a way of life. Its creating sustainable habits and routines while setting realistic expectations. It’s good to start small and consistently build on them. That’s how we build self belief and respect that we will follow through with what we say we will. This journey isn’t one of overnight success. It’s about trial and error, figuring out what works best for you in the season of your life that you’re in. 

Share this post on social and tag us! I know we all know some friends who can use a little help this holiday season and going into 2020!

8 Tips to Staying Healthy this Holiday Season

The holidays are here! It’s a time of celebrating and eating, but it’s also a time where so many of us are stressed about our health and wellness goals. We love supporting you on your flocking journey so today we are sharing 8 tips on how to stay healthy during this time of the year. You’ll be able to focus on fun and connection instead of how many pounds you’re going to gain. 

Workout Before and After the Feast

Working out before and after the lunch/dinner will help you burn calories, not feel as guilty and boost your feel good hormones. (We all know the holidays can be stressful)

Go for a hike/walk by yourself or the family (new traditions?)
Do an at home workout after you’ve digested so you don’t feel so sluggish from all that turkey (tryptophan in turkey makes you sleepy) lol

Kick the EXTRA Calories out the Window 

It’s easy to over indulge. But being mindful is important. If you’re hosting or bringing dishes to Thanksgiving dinner make healthier recipes: less sugar and calories.

For example instead of milk and heavy cream in mashed potatoes substitute with veggie broth and use seasonings to spice them up!

I’m a huge fan of Cape Cod chips and sour cream and onion dip but i like to use greek yoguart instead! I promise it still taste great! 

Be an Adult and Practice Self-Control

Again mindfulness plays a big role in what we do and how we think. We don’t want you to restrict per say but praciticing self control is a form of self respect.

Check out the Thanksgiving food display and decide what you’re going to eat, select reasonable sized portions of foods you don’t eat often.

Use your calories wisely if you’re worried about weight gain and don’t waste your calorie intake on foods you eat all the time!

Slow Down & Skip the Seconds

Resist going back for seconds. Especially if there’s dessert! Leave it for the leftovers.

It’s about enjoying, not over eating as an excuse because its the holidays. It’s our mindset around the holdaies that need shifting. 

Best bet : white turkey meat, veggies, roasted sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie! Flock that’s good!

Savor your Thanksgiving Meal

Eat to enjoy and taste the foods.

Go Easy on the Booze, You Lush

Alcohol calories add up quickly my friends. Enjoy a glass of wine. Drink a beer. And choose drinks with lower calories. Hydrate between drinks as well.

Be Realistic
Celebration is what the holiday season is all about. You’re going to indulge. You’re going to eat things out of the norm for you and that’s okay. Don’t think you’re going to loose weight. Focus on maintaining. Continue moving your body. Do what feels best!

Focus on the Who Not the What
The holiday’s are about family and friends. We just happen to connect through food. But what if we focused on the people and not the food as much! Think about how that would make your feel! Be in the present moment and enjoy the laughs, the sights, the sounds and the people!



Flock with us this holiday season! Get powered by our hemp enhanced Turmeric. Turmeric has been around for thousands of years and is a valuable nutrient in any wellness regime. Keep your eyes open for our Flocksgiving Day Sale that’s extended until December 5th! 

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Blue Zones- A Culture of Living Longer

Blue Zones- A Culture of Living Longer

What factors do you attribute to your physical wellness? What steps do you take to maximize your health and lifespan?

For centuries, people have obsessed over longevity. Throughout the world, health and the human lifespan are viewed through a variety of lenses. Some consider environment and lifestyle to be a primary factor for longevity, while others focus on science and medicine. Spirituality is another way that groups interpret and enhance health. While the highest potential for human longevity probably lies within all of these concepts, we are often told that our health is predetermined by our genes. However, a Danish study on twins concluded that lifespan for individuals is only about 20% determined by genetics. This research suggests that there is significant potential for us to take control of our health and maximize our longevity through beneficial lifestyle practices.

Blue Zones is a study that was aided by National Geographic. The study has identified several communities throughout the world where people seem to have mastered the art of living longer. Researchers have found that these communities achieve the highest average lifespan, with more people living past the age of 100 than anywhere else in the world. So, what sets these communities apart from others? And since these Blue Zones occur throughout differing parts of the world, what commonalities do they share?

The Blue Zones study concludes that these long-lived communities share some significant traits, all predominantly driven by cultural identity and lifestyle. One such trait is dietary habit. All Blue Zone diets are dominated by plant-based meals, with little to no consumption of processed foods. Meat is part of the diet, but it is consumed sparingly. All of the groups drink coffee every day (coffee enthusiasts rejoice!). Similarly, most of the Blue Zone groups consume 1-2 servings of alcohol each day. People within these zones also share a similar philosophy about food intake. They dine in moderation, typically adhering to a tradition of eating until they feel 80% full. Many do not eat at night.

Another commonality within Blue Zones is a strong sense of purpose. Each of the groups enjoys a rich intrapersonal life where individuals are deeply identified with familial bonds. Psychological studies have long concluded that loneliness and dissociation are terrible for your health. In Blue Zones, communities tend to be smaller and people tend to stay active and connected within them. Where many societies bolster an individualist, isolationist mindset, Blue Zones are characterized by social cohesion. This trait appears to be a recipe for longer lifespans. For example, research suggests that Grandparents who frequently babysit their Grandchildren tend to live longer. Other studies show that an honest commitment to loved ones may lower disease and mortality risk for all family members, young and old. In Okinawa, Japan (a Blue Zone), social cohesion is so important that it has its own name, “Moais”- a group that is bound together for life.

Creating and honoring this deep sense of purpose likely empowers Blue Zoners not only to live longer, but to live with more vitality as well. In the United States, many adults experience a sharp decline in activity after retirement. Researchers believe that staying active after retirement could decrease your risk of mortality by as much as 10%. While numerous factors may contribute to this trend, it’s likely that many Americans experience a loss of fulfillment once their working days are over. Whether it’s through mastering a craft, raising a family, or tending to a farm, the Blue Zone study suggests that having a sense of purpose can increase the quality and length of life. Okinawans refer to it as “Ikigai”, or a reason to wake up in the morning.

Finally, people in Blue Zones always make time to quiet the mind, destress, and go inward. Stress is a known killer. It causes inflammation, chronic disease, and a myriad of other ailments that contribute to early death. Blue Zone populations practice mindfulness and stress management every day. The specific practice varies from place to place, but it is typically engrained in the sociocultural fabric. For example, Okinawans take time to honor their ancestors, while Seventh Day Adventists (another Blue Zone group), use prayer as a means of quieting the mind.

The Blue Zones study concludes that people could increase their lifespan by 10-12 years by adopting the right lifestyle practices. A closer look at Blue Zones may help us examine our own lifestyle practices and assess our connection to health, longevity, and wellness through new eyes.