How One Adventurous Entrepreneur Survived a Near-Fatal Car Accident to Create a Thriving Nutraceuticals Company.

Everyone dies, but not everyone truly lives


Imagine being a professional athlete at the peak of your performance. You’re making waves in your sport as your name becomes more and more well-known to people both within and outside of your professional circle. Then, imagine, suddenly having your dreams of competing professionally effectively stolen from you by the actions of another human. One minute, you’re driving around your local town; the next, you wake up dizzy and disoriented in a hospital bed only to have doctors tell you that you will never be able to live an active lifestyle again.

This is exactly what happened to Matthew Gagne. In 2014, while living and working in Dubai, Gagne was involved in a single-vehicle car wreck, instantly taking him from a professional skydiver with a budding career to a spinal injury survivor.


From Death’s Door To The Growroom Floor


“I suffered 10 fractures to my cervical and thoracic vertebrae as well as a full subluxation at the C5/C6 level,” says Gagne. “In other words, I broke my neck and was internally decapitated. I was struggling physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, as well as financially. The internal and external battles were real and the stress of not knowing was almost unbearable.”

With a sleek titanium cage installed in his neck, as well as bulging discs both above and below the fusion, pain and discomfort became a part of daily life for Gagne. That is, at least until he made the conscious choice to not allow that pain to control his life. As a seasoned skydiver, Gagne was no stranger to facing fear head-on, or to the trade-off of “risk vs. reward”. According to Gagne, it was this same mindset that not only helped him kickstart his recovery to overcome his injury, it also gave him the confidence to use the tools he used during that recovery to help others regain control of their lives.


CBD Helped Me Help Myself


In April of 2018, nearly four years after his life-threatening injury, Gagne founded Flock Goods: a nutritional enhancement brand that offers a line of CBD-based nutraceutical products that help nourish and strengthen the body’s physical building blocks. Each of Flock’s all-natural CBD products is designed to help those who suffer from chronic pain, anxiety, mental fog, and more to improve their mental health, physical fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle along the road to recovery. These aspects, along with that of the recovery journey itself, make up what Gagne refers to as the “Five Finger Framework” – the fundamental factors in which Flock Good’s core values and philosophy is rooted in.

“Pain is not only humbling – it’s the best teacher I’ve ever had,” says Gagne. “The layers of healing are complex, but with self-empathy and a strong, conscious effort, you can find true understanding, perspective, and patience.”

Indeed, healing is often a long and tumultuous process. Though the events we endure that cause our bodies and minds pain and trauma are inherently subjective at the individual level, the process of healing is not. As such, it should never be undertaken alone. Gagne stresses the importance of this, too, citing that the road to recovery since his life-changing accident would have been impossible to walk by himself.


Strong As FLOCK


In his founding of Flock Goods, Gagne has helped to create a community that perfectly matches the definition of the name. Chasing dreams, facing fears, and overcoming adversity in spite of our limitations are all terrifying to think about doing alone. Together, however, any obstacle truly can be overcome.

“I consider myself extremely lucky,” Gagne continues, “which is one of the reasons why I feel so compelled to give back to others. I didn’t get to where I am by myself. It started with a healthy mindset, was aided with proper nutrition, and I was lifted up by a community of others when I needed it the most.”

Nearly seven years following his horrific accident, Gagne is proud to say that no one “has any idea” about it until they see the scars for themselves.

What are you afraid of?


Believe it or not, facing your fears is important for your mental health. Fear inoculation, is an essential process used by therapists to help people overcome anxiety by willfully exposing them to their fears over time until they eventually conquer them. ‘Willfully’ is the key word. Using your will to effectively overcome the unthinkable.

What does it mean to conquer your fears?

Does it mean that they just “poof!”, disappear never to return? Unfortunately, most of us know that’s not how life works.

It’s about finding comfort in chaos and the unknown as well as developing the ability to perform in high intensity environments. Fear will always be there but it’s what we choose to do that makes all the difference. That’s one reason why we love to show skydiving so much, what’s scarier than plummeting to the Earth from thousands of feet up in the air? What kind of maniac does it over and over again for years despite the risks? (*cough cough* Matt G.). There’s a reason for that but all in all it isn’t even about skydiving. It’s about embracing fear and managing it, and it can be applied to anything you do.

Managing fear will lead you to live tenaciously, become more competent and most importantly, it will set you free.

What are you afraid of? What is holding you back from living the life you want?

Is it heights, public speaking, the ocean, writing a blog, starting a company, asking someone out; or could it be intimacy or even emotional vulnerability?

Whatever it is we all have fears to conquer, some people are just better at hiding their own. We salute you in your journey to overcoming yours. ✊

Fight. Flight. Freeze or FLOCK!

Do you practice Emotional Intelligence?


“If you will change, everything will change for you. Don’t wait for things to change. Change doesn’t start out there, change starts within …all change starts with you “ Quote by Jim Rohns mentor 

Our mental health plays a major role in how we think, feel and act. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to monitor your emotions and the emotions of others and distinguish between emotions, and use emotional information to guide your thinking, behavior and influence on others. 

It allows us to connect with others, understand ourselves better, and live a more authentic, healthy, and happy life.

We are born hardwired for connection, we deserve to understand ourselves on a fundamental level, and when we do that we are inherently impacting those around us. Here are the five elements of Emotional Intelligence we use to enhance our understanding:

  1. Self awareness – ability to recognize and understand own emotions 
  2. Self regulation – ability to express, regulate and manage own emotions (Self Control) 
  3. Motivation – internal motivation – motivated for personal reasons 
  4. Empathy – sensing others’ feelings and perspective
  5. Social Skills – skills that allow us to interact with others 

Through the journey of growing and enhancing your life you can heighten your emotional intelligence. People who are highly emotionally intelligent aren’t afraid of change they understand it’s in the flow of life, they are committed to quality but also acknowledge that perfection is impossible and they excute curiosity, gratitude, happiness and are open minded. 

As humans we are born highly emotional and social creatures but due to paradigms we can loose that, it’s important to build this mental muscle because being emotionally intelligent will help you connect with others, boost your performance at work, improve your communication skills, become more resilient, and more. It turns out that having a high level of EI can make you successful in just about every aspect of your life.

Tools to enhance your EI

Mindfulness is a tool that enhances all areas of your life, and is extremely important when it comes to EI. Learning to become aware and stay in the present moment will help you along your journey, 

Some tools or reframes can include any of the following : 

  1. Be the observer of how you react to others – being open and accepting of others perceptions 
  2. Self audit – identifying weaknesses and seeing an honest picture of self 
  3. Notice how you react in stressful situations and work on responding and staying cool and calm 
  4. Take responsibility for your own actions 

“ Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change” Jim Rohn quote

Flock Fitness : Why you should move your body, TODAY!

Living an active lifestyle starts with a healthy mindset, and is aided with proper nutrition. The 5 fingers have a direct impact on one another. Physical fitness is the foundation to building the mental muscle that propels you on the pursuit of self mastery. 

When we change the paradigm around our fitness story we change the results we see. Fitness is fun, it shows us our strengths and weaknesses and allows us to see our progress, and has a direct correlation with improved energy and clarity. 

It’s about progression not perfection. 

This month our focus is to introduce our 5 fingers and expand on them over the coming months. We started the year off with cultivating habits and introduced a frame work inclusive of self awareness, accountability, self discipline and consistency. This framework can easily be adapted to enhance our fitness relationship. When these tools are used it eases our ability to create habits. 

Check out our instagram for daily Flock Fitness Workouts!

We focus on workout patterns such as upper or lower body and full body. Within that we focus on stretching, functional patterns, resistance training, free weights, body weight and bands.

The key is to know our workouts will vary depending on our goals. The relationship between you and fitness is between the two of you. It’s not about comparison, all those people working out in the gym are there for themselves.

Workouts come in all shapes and forms! It doesn’t only have to be the gym, incorporating fun and community can bring a new feeling to the relationship. We love acro yoga, hiking and outdoor park workouts!

It’s good to have a variation in your workout the most important takeaway from this when you move your body in a way that will make you healthy and strong you feel it from the inside out. 

We live in a world that we’re mostly sedentary, most people sit all day for work and than go home and sit and watch tv. Exercise is medicine, literally just like a pill, it reliably changes brain function by altering the activity of key brain chemicals and hormones!  

Research has shown that for 2020 the buzz on fitness is the focus of fitness for wellbeing, thinking outside the gym and taking workouts outdoors and attending more group classes to connect with one another. 

Don’t wait to get started. Your future self will thank you.

It’s alot more than sleep, do you rest?

They say you can sleep when you’re dead. Well, that’s stupid. To perform optimally it’s important to create the space for rest in order to relax, restore and recharge. We live in a world where we’re overstimulated, always on and feeling the stress from many angles. When we aren’t feeling balanced our rest is often a great place to look and take inventory to be honest with ourselves. Am I really getting enough? 

Rest looks different for everyone and that’s okay, it’s about finding what works for you, carving out the time to create an evening routine or habits that help set you and your environment up  for a recuperative nights sleep. When we enhance the quality and quantity of our sleep we boost how we feel, how we act and how we think. 

Research shows that when we aren’t recovering and recharging while sleeping we struggle with focus, energy levels, poor digestion and so much more. 

Like anything in order to better our experience we have to first understand what isn’t working for us. Studies suggest that sleep cycles, stress and caffeine play a role in sleep and even how much we’re moving our body. So, you must ask ourselves

  1. Do you have a consistent bed time? 
  2. Do you read, write, and or meditate before bed? 
  3. Do you stay away from blue light ?
  4. What do you associate our bedroom with ? Sleep? Watching tv?
  5. How do you feel when you wake up?
  6. Are you sleeping through the night? 
  7. Trouble falling asleep? 
  8. Do you know how to manage our stress levels? 
  9. How often and late are you drinking caffeine? Do you know how it affects your body? 
  10. Are you dreaming and remembering your dreams?

Throughout the next few months we will be covering topics such as how to optimize our sleep cycle, how physical fitness is related to sleep, how sleeping can boost our mood, what to eat to help us sleep better and how to create an evening routine.

Sleep is an important piece to the puzzle and when we learn how to fit all the pieces together we’re able to see the big picture. 

Our future depends on our dreams, we are creators, enhancing our sleep enhances our lives! 

The Flock Life

Flock Life describes our culture and the pursuit of total wellness. It’s about achieving your highest potential and living fearlessly, in your greatness.

Picture a life rooted in consciousness, community and transparency, how does that make you feel? For us, it opened the doors of possibility, it connected us with people who were on a similar journey while allowing us to stay true to what we are. 

We are a group of amazing athletes and tenacious individuals. We know pain and trauma. We persevere and are resilient.  

And we envision that for every single one of you. 

When we embark on the journey we first and foremost do it for ourselves and as we deepen that relationship we notice that how we show up is a reflection of how others show up for themselves. 

We want to know, what would it feel like if you took charge of your life and lived boldly? What experiences would you encounter? What opportunities would arise? What are the things you’ve always wanted to do? 

Allow yourself to imagine. 

We may not be able to control everything but what we can control are the choices we make in terms of physical fitness, mental health, nutrition and rest that influence our lives. There are tools such as mindfulness and awareness that heighten our consciousness to make daily decisions to improve our lives for the better. 

Small decisions turn into habits and become the foundation to living our lives with intention. 

We view lifestyle as the way we live everyday, inclusive of personal, work and relationships. Pursuing a balanced lifestyle is optimal for physical and mental health.

Join the movement “Health is Wealth – Enhancing the human experience

Flock is a noun, it describes our community. It’s also a verb, and describes how we move together.


Cultivating goods habits or continuing with the bad — it’s your choice.

A new decade is upon us, it’s time to chase our dreams, face our fears, and overcome adversity. It all starts with taking personal responsibility and when we do that we take an active role in our life and learn how to create habits that support us on our journey in the pursuit of self mastery. 

A habit is an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary. Habits make up about 45% of our daily lives. It’s essential to take an inventory of our habits in order to ensure we are being productive. When we take a hard look at the reality of how we are showing up in this world we can form a different perspective and see how optimizing our habits can enhance our results day to day. 

Let’s go into 2020 cultivating better habits in all areas of our life. Below is a framework on how to create a new habit! We encourage you to ask yourself, Have you been wanting to get fit? Take your kids on that hike they’ve been dying to go on? Wanting to feel confident and happy in your own skin? Start eating a cleaner diet? Traveling to experience new cultures or learn healthy ways to rest and recover from such a busy life? 

From the infamous Yoda, “ Do or do not, there is no try” 

  1. Explore what drives you, your passions, your goals, your curiosity, your devotion. Becoming curious is a step to self awareness which will help you look inward and explore the habits you’ve created over the years and allow the space to recreate effective habits. 
  2. Accountability is important in creating new habits. The most important aspect is accountability to self. Then setting yourself around a community of individuals who motivate each other to aspire for more. Join our facebook group to share your Win Wednesdays and Fail Fridays 
  3. Self discipline is the ability to choose actions that are for your own best interest. By creating habits you began learning how to increase your self discipline. 
  4. Consistent hard work leads to success in creating new habits. How you do one thing is how you do everything. 

Imagine a life that you created, a life of active living and exciting adventures, a life where you weren’t a passenger seat driver to your fears and excuses. Being able to take charge of your life opens doors you didn’t imagine possible, but it all starts with envisioning and believing. Learning to look at fear as a new exciting possibility is something that here at Flock Goods fuels us to find our passions and ideas and has transformed our worlds! 

Holiday Survival Guide

Tis the season to indulge in christmas foods, family drinking and other fun festivities. Here at Flock Goods we believe in mindfulness and consistency which is why we’re coming in hot with some tips on how to survive the holidays and stay on track! 


  1. Eating more foods that cause less inflammation 
    1. Starches – Butternut squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, white rice, 
    2. Fruits – avocados, blackberries, coconut, cranberries, strawberries, blueberries & pineapple 
    3. Sweeteners – stevia, monk fruit 
    4. Protein – Grass fed beef, pasteurized eggs, wild caught haddock/salmon & organ meats 
    5. Nuts, Seeds & legumes – coconut, coconut flour, almonds, cashews, walnuts
    6. Oils & Fats – coconut oil, avocado oil, grass fed butter, Cacao butter & Dark Chocolate 
    7. Veggies – asparagus, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, celery, cucumbers, lettuce, spinach, cilantro & green beans
  2. One way of sticking to eating healthier is eating a small nutrient dense meal prior to going to family parties and/or bringing a healthier dish! 
  3. Drinking alcohol – Ditch the sugary mixed cocktails.
    1. Opt for clear hard liquors – low calorie and almost no sugar 
      1. On the rocks or mixed with water/club soda 
    2. Wine – Low sugar if you stick with a dry red or white 

Rest – restore and repair 

  1. Quality and quantity 
    1. Sleep helps improve memory and focus, weight management, improves mood, energy and performance & boost immunity 
  2. Movement through out the day primes your body for more deeper and restful sleep
  3. Sleep environment is extremely important – use black out shades, turn cell phone to silent ( can you sleep with it outside of your bedroom) , meditation music, disengage from blue lights an hour before bed
  4. Mood – stress and anxiety keep us from falling and staying asleep 
    1. Try our Hemp Enhanced Melatonin 
    2. Supplementing with Magnesium or Vitamin D can also help 
    3. Another reason meditation helps overall wellness! 
  5. Nutrition – how you fuel yourself matters! 
  6. Tracking your sleep! 

Mental Health 

  1. Practicing meditation won’t only help your sleep but improves the quality of your life
  2. Practicing gratitude is known to shift your mood 
    1. Take a moment to remember why we celebrate the holiday season. Take this day and every other day to be thankful for health, happiness and Flock Goods 🙂 

Physical Activity 

  1. Move your body everyday; you can switch it up or keep it the same as long as you’re moving it! 
    1. Focus on upper and lower body splits and core 
    2. Acroyoga ( brings in a component of community) 
    3. Outdoor workouts as well! 


  1. Being healthy and happy isn’t just about focusing on a few things. It’s a way of life. Its creating sustainable habits and routines while setting realistic expectations. It’s good to start small and consistently build on them. That’s how we build self belief and respect that we will follow through with what we say we will. This journey isn’t one of overnight success. It’s about trial and error, figuring out what works best for you in the season of your life that you’re in. 

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It’s December and the holiday season is upon us. We’re here to help ease you through the busiest time of the year so your well rested, happy and healthy! Here’s a few tips to add into your daily routine to help set yourself up for success in 2022. 

  1. Your body comes first, ALWAYS

You are your own priority. It’s imperative to your wellbeing to find ways to move your body no matter the season. Try some new classes at your gym, make time for outdoor activities ( season dependant ones!)

Go outdoors! If you’re in the east coast take up skiing, snow shoeing or even ice skating. \

  1. Add CBD to your wellness routine 

It’s not like that fad diet claiming to fix all your problems. It’s been tried and tested and there are many benefits. So start with a low dosage and work your way up. If you start now you may feel a little relief from the stress of gift giving and end of year deadlines that always add a bit extra pressure.

  1. Be kind to your GUT 

The Gut is known as the second brain and ta healthy gut microbiome influences the bodies response to stress so if you’re looking to start 2022 off with clarity and a well rested mindset you will want to give your gut a little extra TLC.

Balance is key 

  1. Drink more water 
  2. Eat more foods in season 
  3. Remove processed foods

Intermittent Fasting

Do you recall when your parents said, “Don’t forget to eat breakfast! It’s the most important meal”, “Don’t skip breakfast, you’re body will think you’re starving it” ? These are the thoughts that so many of us believed to be true. But what if we challenged that “truth”? 

Why do we blindly believe this traditional way of eating? Who said it was right? Do the people telling us this, have our best interest in mind? We are a team of active people who like to go against the norm because we’ve done life differently and we’ve seen the results. 

Let’s chat about Intermittent Fasting. Have you heard of it? I’m sure you have but usually the word fasting intimidates people leaving them wondering and not researching. We’re here to break it down for you. GIve you the flockin’ facts and a real life example of someone who’s tried it and seen the results. 

After Matt Gagne’s (CEO of Flock Goods) accident on July 23, 2014 recovery took a toll on his body. He weighed  233 pounds standing at a height of 5’ 10.5”. His body had been through alot physically because of the accident and took on extra non needed weight. He turned to Intermittent fasting as a way to help heal his body by boosting hormones and bone density as well as to help lose the extra weight. Now he walks around at 170lbs with 8% body fat. 

Intermittent Fasting is just that, a controlled period of time where you don’t eat. The most common type of “feeding window” is the 16-8. This means you don’t eat for 16 hours and consume all of your daily caloric intake within the 8 hour window. It’s not about restricting your calories. It’s about giving your body and digestive system a break in order to improve efficiency, balance blood sugar, and boost your anti aging hormones, naturally. 

The research is overwhelmingly positive in regards to intermittent fasting and not only in regards to weight loss. It improves the markers of longevity, improves brain health, helps fight inflammation in the body which leads to a host of other health issues along with so much more. 

Ways to excel at IF : 

  • Know yourself and the challenges 
    • It requires control and discipline during fasting periods 
    • It shouldn’t be used as an excuse for ongoing or overly restrictive calorie consumption 
  • Hitting the gym while IF boost results 
    • For example consider strength training
    • It’s more likely to reduce body fat percentage and maintain or improve muscle mass when you exercise and fast 
  • Eat well while your fasting 
    • This isn’t an excuse to overeat 
    • Don’t restrict or count calories but be mindful of proper nutrition 
    • You are what you eat ; whole real foods
  • Ease your way in 
      • It’s a lifestyle change and isn’t for everyone 
      • Give it a try and see how you feel 
        • Start with 12-12 and work your way up