Our Story


Our Founder, Professional Skydiver and Guiness World Record holder Matthew Gagne, has always been motivated by his desire to live boldly. His greatest adventure began when he left his hometown in Massachusetts and traveled halfway across the world to pursue his skydiving dreams. Four days before he was to begin training with a world-class skydiving team, his fate took a horrific turn. Matt was riding in the passenger seat of a car when it veered off a remote road in the desert of Abu Dhabi, striking a sand dune. The impact caused the car to launch into the air and barrel across the sand. When the rolled vehicle came to a stop on its roof, Matt was trapped inside. He was buried in sand from the neck up. As Matt’s friends clawed desperately through the sand to try and free him, Matt realized that he was unable to move any of his limbs.

Eventually, help arrived and Matt was rushed to a hospital for emergency surgery. When he awoke hours later, Matt found himself restrained and disoriented, with medical devices protruding from all over his body. For the first time, Matt learned the extent of his injuries. He had suffered numerous fractures along his cervical and thoracic spine. Part of his cervical spine had been completely severed, leaving him internally decapitated. Professional opinion said that he would never skydive or enjoy an active lifestyle again. In that instant, Matt realized that his life was changed forever.

For the next 14 weeks, the world that invigorated him so much had to be viewed from between the bars of a medical Halo. His bones would eventually mend but his body would never be quite the same. A sleek titanium cage would be inserted into his spine to strengthen and support his damaged vertebrae. As a long-term effect of the accident, he would experience constant pain from bulging discs and irreparably shattered nerves. Despite his prognosis, Matt was determined to keep living his life to the fullest. He began searching for alternative ways to reclaim his body. Soon, he embarked on a deep dive into the curative properties of supplementation and CBD-enhanced nutrition.

Of the many lessons that Matt learned on his journey to recovery, a few things became immediately clear to him. First, he realized just how complex and layered the healing process can be. For Matt, the damage to his physical body had rippled out in ways that impacted his emotional, mental, spiritual, and financial well-being. He decided to take his healing approach back to the source: his own body. By treating his pain with high quality nutraceuticals, Matt began to experience an astonishing reduction in his pain. Soon, he noticed a profound shift in other areas of his life as he grew stronger, healthier, and more enlivened. After years of trial and research, Matt developed a holistic, custom-made nutritional supplement routine. But he soon grew tired of combing the supplement aisles for each individual product. Matt envisioned a single supplement that could meet all his nutritional needs -and the needs of others, too. When he was unable to find what he was looking for, Flock Goods began to take shape.

A year and a half after the catastrophe, Matt made a triumphant return to the sport that he loved. Acknowledging that his body would never function the same again, Matt realized that he could no longer sustain a lifelong profession as a skydiver. But through supplementation and CBD, Matt had uncovered a reality that was just as incredible- and he was ready to spread the love! Our passion for providing access to the highest quality supplements is the heart of Flock Goods. We are committed to offering the best, the purest, and the most consciously cultivated products to help you maximize your potential, recover well, and live boldly!


We are athletes. Visionaries. Dynamos. We share a passion for exploration and a mission to empower our fellow Humans! We know that optimal nutrition is the key to capturing your limitless potential. Whether you face a chronic ailment, pain, or are just seeking to optimize your nutrition regimen, Flock Goods is committed to providing you with the right nutrition to help you achieve your best. Our story began with a simple desire- to nourish and grow our passion by fueling our bodies with the best nutraceutical products available.


We are a nutritional enhancement brand with values rooted in consciousness, community, and transparency. We believe that no matter what your purpose is, you are brilliant at what you do! Flock Goods enhanced nutraceuticals nourish the building blocks of your body so that you can discover the healthiest and most complete version of yourself. Fuel your body. Fuel your passion. Fuel your ideas. Transform your world!